United States
Les and Bonnie Frazier-BIMI Field Director
Dorethea Francis-To the Deaf
David Gibbs-Christian Law Association
Dan and Lana Siemer-FBMI Field Director
Robert and Jeannette Brown-Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Robert and Debbie Keeton-Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Judy Gearis-Rock of Ages Prison Minisstry
Reformers Unanimous-United States
Joel and Karen Silos-United States
Dennis and Stella Terry-Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Jim and Sim Stone-Church Planter
Keith and Rhonda Bridges-Church Planter
Michael and Cheral Granger-Hispanic Missions
Mike and Teresa Gardner-Helping Hands Ministry
James and Shirley Waymire-Seed to the Sower
Bill Summy-Amazing Grace Ministries
Kent and Lindsey McBay-Church Planter
Glen and MaLisa Fogg-Church Planter
Global Church Planters-Noe Montelongo
Glen and Sandra Border-Jewish Missions-Retired
Simms and Nikki Anderson-Church Planter
John and Reeann Harvey-Church Planter
Cynthia Castillo-Mexico
Ruben and Valerie Murillo-Mexico
Antonio and Angie Arellano-Mexico
Bill and Jennifer Green-Mexico
Miles and Pam Loewen-Mexico
West Indies
David and Sherri Lindsey
Dominican Republic
Ron and Kathy Valerio
Jaques and Marie Alexander

Note – There are other missionaries that we support, but due to the dangers we have elected not to post their names. Please continue to pray for each one of our missionaries.